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VCE-VM (Vocational Major) and VPC

The VCE VM stands for the Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major and VPC stands for Victorian Pathways Certificate. The VCE Vocational Major is a 2-year vocational and applied learning program within the VCE. The program aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge, confidence and agency needed to prepare for the world of work and further education and training.


The VPC is an inclusive Year 11 and 12 certificate that will meet the needs of students not able or ready to complete a certificate at the VCE level. The VPC is at Australian Qualifications Framework Level 1 and not recognised as a senior secondary certificate. Students, parents and schools choose in partnership the most appropriate course based on student need, aspiration and capability.


​Applied learning is beneficial for all students, as it: - Facilitates and prepares students for successful post-school pathways including transitioning to the workforce, going on to further education and training, as well as succeeding in personal and civil life. - Encourages personalised student-led learning, aligned to student interests and aspirations. - Provides opportunities for students to gain industry exposure and experience through work integrated learning opportunities. - Enables students to explore potential careers and develop technical and employability skills for the future.


THE VCE VM is Applied Learning Based.  Applied learning incorporates the teaching of skills and knowledge in the context of ‘real life’ experiences, where students discover how to apply what they have learnt by doing, experiencing, reflecting and relating acquired skills to the real-world.

VCE-VM Subjects

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