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The VCE Vocational Major in Literacy focuses on developing the knowledge and skills required to be literate in Australia today. This study uses an applied learning approach intended to meet the needs of students with various abilities and aspirations. Students interact with a variety of texts, including media texts, multimodal texts, daily interaction texts, and workplace texts, which cover both everyday language and more technical language used in different workplaces.

The study design is available as a Word document. Please click on the link below to download.

Link to the VCE-VM Literacy Study Design

What do you do?

Unit 1:

Unit 2:

Student focus on the structures and features of a range of texts – print, visual and film – and the personal reasons readers may have for engaging with these texts. Students will read or watch a variety of texts for a personal purpose chosen from a range of local and global perspectives. They will develop their understanding of the structures and features of these text types, and examine how they are influenced by purpose, context, audience and culture.

Students will consider the values and beliefs that underpin different perspectives and how these values create different biases and opinions, including thinking about how these issues might arise in particular vocational or workplace settings. Students will read, view and listen to a range of texts and content that demonstrate diverse opinions on a range of local and global issues, and which may impact on their community or be of particular concern to a vocational or workplace group.

Unit 3:

Unit 4:

Students will become familiar with and develop confidence in understanding and accessing texts of an informational, organisational or procedural nature. These texts should reflect real-life situations encountered by students and be representative of the sorts of texts students will encounter in a vocational setting or workplace, or for their health and participation in the community.

Students will investigate, analyse and create content for the advocacy of self, a product or a community group of the student’s choice, in a vocational or recreational setting. Students will research the differences between texts used for more formal or traditional types of advocacy, influence or promotion, as well as some of the forms that are increasingly being used in the digital domain for publicity and exposure.


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