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VCE Theatre Studies


Theatre Studies involves students in the interpretation of play texts and the production of plays. Students study the nature and characteristics of theatre through the ages, looking at tradition, history and social contexts. Students develop skills in stagecraft and performance, participate in major productions and either perform or design for a monologue. Theatre Studies is for those students who are interested in the Theatre – not just for those who want to be performing on stage. Students also learn to analyse and evaluate performance, as an audience member, through excursions (at least two) to professional performances.

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Units 1 and 2:  Demonstration of achievement of outcomes and satisfactory completion of a unit is determined by evidence gained through the assessment of a range of learning activities and tasks. 

Unit 3:  School assessed coursework (30%)

Unit 4:  School assessed coursework (15%) and Stagecraft Examination (25%)

End of Year (Year 12) Written examination (30%)

UNIT 1:  Pre-Modern Theatre 

UNIT 2:  Modern Theatre 

This unit focuses on the application of acting and other stagecraft in relation to theatrical styles of the pre-modern era. Students work with play scripts from the pre-modern era of theatre, focusing on works created up to 1920 in both their written form and in performance. They also study theatrical and performance analysis and apply these skills to the analysis of a play in performance. 

This unit focuses on theatrical styles and stagecraft through working with play scripts in both their written form and in performance with the emphasis on the application of stagecraft. Students work with play scripts from the modern era, focusing on works from the 1920s to present. They study theatrical analysis and production evaluation and apply these skills to the analysis of a play in performance. 

UNIT 3:  Play-script Interpretation 

UNIT 4:  Performance Interpretatation 

In this unit students develop an interpretation of a play script through the stages of the theatrical production process: planning, development and presentation. Students specialise in two areas of stagecraft, working collaboratively in order to realise the production of a play script. Students also analyse and evaluate the interpretation of a play script in performance. 

In this unit students study a scene and associated monologue and develop a theatrical treatment that includes the creation of a character by an actor, stagecraft possibilities, and appropriate research. Students interpret a monologue from within a specified scene using selected areas of stagecraft to realise their interpretation. Students may choose to perform the monologue using acting and direction or design for the monologue using costume, make-up, set pieces, sound and/or props. 

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