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Year 9 Subject Selection

This Year 9 handbook contains detailed information about the unit content, learning outcomes and assessment of learning outcomes for Year 9 in 2024.


There are two types of subjects at Year 9: Compulsory (core) subjects and Electives.


Students choose subjects that are prerequisites for university study, that they are good at and that they enjoy. Student choice and available resources decide which subjects run. Places in classes for year 11 are decided using year 10 academic results.


In Year 9 the following units are core subjects for all students. More details for each of the subjects are found below.

  • English (SELP or Mainstream) or EAL (English as an Additional Language)

  • Geosocial Systems and Societies (core and inquiry)

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Digital Technologies


As well as the core units, students choose four units of electives for the year.

Students must select:

  • 1 x Arts (Visual or Performing)

  • 1 x Design Technologies (Various)

  • 2 x Additional Selections (Language or more of the above)


  • Select Entry (SELP) students MUST study a LOTE at Year 9.

  • Students selecting Language must undertake the language for two semesters. Students choosing a Language must have achieved a pass in that Language at Year 8.

  • If students choose Music, it can be studied for one semester.

Year 9 Subjects

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