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What's it all about?

This program opens the door to entry-level employment opportunities in digital and technology skills across businesses in preparation for work. On completion of this course, students will receive Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies (ICT20120). Students can take credit for this subject to pursue further training and education. The certificate can be continued at the senior levels as a VET subject. Unlike other electives, this is a full-year subject. It is made up of twelve (12) units of competencies, mandated by The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).   

Applied Digital Technologies

What will I learn?

What type of things will I do?

Students learn basic computer operation skills, digital literacy skills which includes using range of software applications across various businesses.  

What can this lead to?

University and TAFE courses in Information Technology 

Why choose this subject?

Choose this subject if you are interested in refining your digital literacy skills which are pre-requisites for most entry level positions across businesses.  

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